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Hi my name is Onome I am a Dad, husband, and registered architect. As an architect, motivator, and promoter; overall dwelling comfort is my passion. That being said I ventured and expanded to pro active construction also helping people achieving their dream is what I do for a living. So I created a small business of my own.
In my line of work as an Architect, designing you dream home is value by starting on what we put on paper. It finally click me, that this is what I am actually doing.
Before I always share stories of my clients. That may be true, but it did not really had value as many other people had more value than mine. I get it! My story did not have that impact I am expecting to.
So I re-evaluate myself, did self-reflection of who I really am. Believe me digging deep down inside is very very hard. Knowing who I am is very complicated, like a maze hitting so many walls.
So I finally began put two and two together. My day career and my small business.
Whatever career we get into always associated with helping people. Not only in design/construction, but also in being an accountant, technician, mechanics, waiter, chefs, producers, writer, director …and so on. These careers is about helping people whether to help our boss get that design done to meet that deadline, the company we work with, and/or helping our own family.
Helping my own family is my number 1 “why” I become an architect. I want to secure a home for them, a provider, able to give the necessities they need — education for instance, and financial stability.
Helping other people prolong the quality of their life and meeting their dreams and aspiration is a very rewarding benefits I get in this career. A simple “thank you, you tried, I love this” is an indescribable feeling, helping people own their dream and seeing them living in a place they envision is like witnessing a miracle.
Being an Architect is NOT a quick rich or get rich fast business. It is about PASSION and DESIRE to help other people. If you have that qualities believe me the financial/money will flow in your yard like grass as a reward. Because they see your sincerity to help, you give others hope and value back to their lives that there is another chance, a light in the end of the tunnel, a brighter side of life. This is what architecture is, Helping People and Ending the Hopelessness.
“Everyone has Genetic Potential to SUCCEED”
I am INVITING YOU! follow my blog and own a home of your taste.

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