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Item 3. setting out : setting involve the transferring of information on the structural drawings, architectural drawings and servicing drawings into the ground for construction of a house to be possible.

Setting out can also be done using the following two method:
1. It can be done manually
2. It can also be done using surveyors instrument like total station or a theodolite.

For most bungalow with dimension of building less than 20m in both width and length, manual method can safely be use.
materials for a typical setting out
1. peg
2. Line
3. profile board ( 2 x 2'' soft wood)
4. nail ( 3'', 2'' and 11/2'' nail)
5. Builder's square, plumb, meters rule, tabe etc.

How to estimate materials for setting out
to get number of pegs required;
1. Get the perimeter of the building.
2. increase the perimeter by 25%
3. divide the perimeter by 2 ( i normally spaced my pegs @ 2m c/c)
4. since there are 20 pegs in a bundle and a bundle cost about N1,200. the result from 3 above is further divided by 20 to get the number of bundle and the result is multiply by N1,200 to know the cost of peg.

to get number of profile board ( 2 x 2'' soft wood)
1. using the result of 2 above, divide the result by 3m ( since 2 x 2 comes in 3.6m )
2. since each 2 x 2'' soft wood cost about N200, multiply the result in above by N200 to get the cost of profile.

in summary, it cost about N40,000 for materials and workmanship to set out a typical three bedroom flat bungalow

a typical profile board

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