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Windows of opportunity in housing and urban development in Nigeria
Introduction; Nigeria has a population of 180million people. With an annual growth rate of 2.8% and an urbanization rate of 5.8%, the shortfall in housing production has now reached an alarming proportion. Given the country’s endowment in both human and natural resources, there is consensus of opinion that the interplay of effective demand and government’s basket of incentives present a bountiful opportunity for investment in the housing and urban development sectors of the Nigerian economy.

The federal ministry of Housing and Urban Development is there fore pursuing policies aimed at establishing a private sector driven housing delivery system that will:

Create efficient and dynamic urban settlements;

Fostering economic growth;

Provide employment; and

Ensure improved standard of living for all Nigerians.


Investment opportunities identified by the ministry include:

        Housing construction

Housing finance

Mortgage securities/Insurance

Building material manufacture

Equipment leasing

Maintenance/facility management

Provision of urban transportation

Urban services

Urban renewal schemes.

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