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Calculating your construction costs

People who want to build there homes always ask the question "how much would it cost me to build  three bedroom bungalow?" And when we give them a fegure they would compare that figure with a friend's collegue or any previous cost of a similar three bedroom when that is handy.
It is very difficult to get same cost for two same buildings because their are numerous factors that is responcible which i would be to sharing with us all.
We all know that the bigger the house the more it will cost to construct. This means there is a direct link between the cost and the total number of square meters in a buiding. With this simple fact you can get a fairly accurate estimate of how much your house will cost as long as you know the average construction cost per square meter. But keep in mind that there are many other factors which also affect your construction costs; here are some to consider:

1.Your choice of contractor. Some are simply more expensive than others.

2.Location of site. The further you are from the source of building materials the more money will go into transportation costs.

3.Type of soil and terrain you are building on. Clay soil and black cotton soil will require stronger and more costly foundations than firm soil.

4.Types and quality of finishes. This factor makes one of the biggest differences as the costs for finishes such as tiles and doors can vary considerably.

5.Local taxes typically you pay much higher taxes and levies when building on a developer's area than a developing or rural area.

6.Access to power and water. Having to ship water for construction is costsly compared to having your own water on site.

7.Duration of construction. Overheads such as security and supervision increase the longer construction goes on.

8.Changes to the plan during construction. Make sure you have proper plans to avoid having to break and rebuild any part of the building. This will greatly affect your total construction costs.

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