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Why your drawing might not be approved.

The following are the reasons why your building plan approval take long to be approved in Lagos & other states;

1. Not charting your land: charting is when the surveyor at the planning office helps you check the status of your land may be it under government acquisition, the type of land use that your land can be used for.

2. Not pre-screnning your drawings before submitting to approval: pre-screening is when your architectural drawings, structural, electrical and mechanical drawings are checked by the government specialist to check if the drawings are ok or not, if they are not ok they comment and you correct then you present them again. Ones d drawings confirmed ok, I promise you,  your approval wldn't go beyound 4-6 weeks.

3. Not having correct documents like C of O, tax clearance certificate can also be a hindrance.

4. Not doing follow up: you need to have at least one person that will give you info on where you file is

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