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A block of three flats, on a 100x50 plot.

This is a very good design for starters who seek to own their home as well as have levrage in the for of rentage.
the design contains the followimg;
1. Three bed room flat in front with all bedrooms ensuite, large kitchen and store, living room, dining and an anteroom with a visitors toilet.
2. at the middle is a one bedroom flat with a large living room, dining, kitchen and a bedroom with a toilet.
3. finally at the rear is a twobedroom flat with a large living room, dining, kitchen and store twobedrooms all ensuite, and a visitors toilet.
let us design this for you as a starter and you would have not only maximize your plot but also added leverage to your finance.

We are able to give u any design, residential or commercial.
Block of flats or hotels 
Duplexes or filling stations 
Just name it. 
Alist covers all.
Contact us any time.
whats app or call us 08038982710, 07068129730, 090-78354530 
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