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How to be a champion.

A champion is a person who is always at the top of his game, not the game; you are the new benchmark. If you get to the top and you cease to practice, others will get better than you and you'll no longer be on top. Never leave that up to others; the day you stop winning, you cease to be a champion. As a champion, you need to always stay hungrier than the hungriest contender. Never get complacent with your success; don't stop doing those things that put you there. The moment you start thinking of yourself as having arrived, you loose the mark for lasting achievements. Remember: Getting to the top is about persistence, but staying on the top is more about consistence. #RemainAChampion, #Persistence, #Consistence, #StayOnTop, #LastingSuccess, #Motivational, #Inspirational, #EverythingMakesSense, #Insightz2017. Follow us and I'll follow right back on Instagram:@alistdevelopers Twitter:@alistdevelopers Facebook:@alistdevelopers

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