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Kano mega city a dream or reality

Ongoing Construction of Kano Economic City by Kano State Government in Collaboration with the Brain & Hammers Company at Dangwauro Town, Along Zaria Road.
 When it's completed, Kano Economic City would be larger than Wuse and Asokoro combined. The city also will help create up to one million jobs.The Kano ECONOMIC CITY is a megaproject that will help diversify Kano economy by bringing direct foreign and domestic investments.
The city is divided through 5 main components: Industrial Zone, Residential Areas, River Resort, Educational Zone, and a Central Business District (CBD) which includes the Financial Island.
 The 1,400 hectares of land will do dedicated into industrial and light manufacturing facilities—identified as key growth drivers for the Kano economy—and can now host 2,700 industrial tenants.The industrial zone is estimated into cover 63 km².
The residential area is planned through include 260,000 apartments and 56,000 villas. Each district would feature its own public amenities, such as mosques, shops and recreational venues. It will do divided toward smaller residential, commercial, and recreational areas. The area is estimated into do home for around half a million residents, and another ten thousand tourists. Parks and green spaces will live used extensively throughout the residential area.
.The Educational Zone is a part of plan toward bring the Kano capabilities and aspirations in technology toward globally competitive levels.
The Educational Zone is planned into consist of multi-university campus flanked by two Research & Development parks. The multi-university campus is designed toward accommodate 18,000 students, and a 7,500 faculty and staff members.
 The Financial Island, within the CBD, has now been doubled in area through cover 14 hectares (35 ac) of land, which will do the largest regional financial nerve center for the world’s leading banks, investment houses and insurance groups.The central business district (CBD) is planned through offer 3.8 km² of office space, hotels and mixed-use commercial space.

Pictures of the model.

On going construction 

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