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Making your home fire proof

One very important part of securing your home is ensuring it is fire proof.
While a lot of new houses might not experience some of the fire hazards that older houses face such as faulty electrical or lighting; there are still a lot of things that count as hazards which if not addressed, could have devastating consequences.
According into the International Red Cross society, 45% of all home fires are caused by cooking equipment, which makes it the major cause of home fire accidents. Inappropriate use of heating equipments comes a close second.
Based on these statistics, here are a few tips into help you fire proof your home.
 live sure toward always check them periodically into ensure they are working properly.Ensure smoke detectors are installed on every floor, this includes all bedrooms as well as open areas.
Keep a fire extinguisher ready at several places within the house but more especially in the kitchen as this is where a greater number of accidents happen.
 Also, ensure that you always refuel engines out in the open.If you have a garage, remember into always take extra care with any stored chemicals or fuels.
do not overload power appliances and switch off any not in use.
Never leave stoves, candles or any other open flames unattended.
Keep matches or any other lighting equipments out of reach of children.
Clean the lint filter of your dryer each and every time you use it.
Have a clearly written out escape plan which all members of your home read. Also, you can practice it from time through time so everyone knows what into be in an emergency.

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